Shepherd Junction

Shepherd Junction is a small unincorporated town within King County, located at the junction of Interstate 70, and the Shepherd – Jackson Highway, and has a population of about 20.

Shepherd Junction has two major establishments; LaGrand Station, a newer filling station that also houses a small deli counter and a 50’s themed diner; and Shepherd Inn, the original inn from Shepherd Junction’s heyday that has been re-purposed as a bar and also serves as a residence for the current owners.


The origin of the town is the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad, which constructed it’s main line through King County in 1882. However, the only thing that existed at this location was the rail siding, called Shepherd – named after Aaron Shepherd, a railroad foreman who was killed by a highway robber days before the siding was competed. A small town sprung up around the siding—called Shepherd Junction after the siding – which became a transfer point to unload goods from the train for shipment to other cities in the region without rail access, namely Jenson and Jackson Ridge.

After the completion of both the Shepherd – Jackson railway and highway, Shepherd Junction fell into disuse, and the community almost completely disbanded.

Shepherd Junction

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