Rudy Williams

Rudy Williams is the owner, operator, and sole resident of Shepherd Inn, a run-down saloon-style bar in Shepherd Junction. He’s got the tongue of a sailor, smokes two packs a day, and has barely been seen outside his bar within the last decade.

Rudy moved to Shepherd Junction in 1998, and spent the next two years renovating the Inn.

No one knows anything solid about Rudy before he came to King County, but the few things he’s let slip – usually after far too many drinks – have painted quite the picture:
  • He was in the Military, though it’s not clear which branch, and he did at least one tour in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War.
  • He’s killed a person in cold blood.
  • All of his childhood friends are dead.
  • He also fluent German.

Rudy is 38, and he makes no secret of that, but he looks at least a decade older.

Rudy Williams

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