Meg's Diner

The greasiest of greasy spoons, Meg’s serves exactly what you’d expect — 24 hour breakfast, bottomless coffee, and portion sizes big enough to make your eyes water.

Meg’s was founded by Meg Townsley near the end of World War 2 with life insurance money she received after her late husband, Mel, was gunned down by Germans. Meg ran the place until her own death in 1982, doing everything from cooking to serving to bussing tables.

After her passing, Meg’s closed for about a year while several interested parties tried to work out the details of purchasing the location, and in November of ’83, Chance Dayton – a lifelong regular of Megs – reopened the doors, leaving absolutely nothing unchanged from the way Meg left it.

Over the years, the kitchen has been upgraded, and the building has been retrofitted with many modern amenities, but the recipes and overall feel of the diner hasn’t changed.

Meg's Diner

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